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Handling owner goods and freight forwarding

  • We handle incoming goods and outgoing goods. And we consolidate and deconsolidate good to and from vessels. And we do it cheaper and more convenient than most agents and forwarders. The reason why we are cheaper is that we do it as an added value, meaning that we charge costs… if we have goods going to the vessel like provision, we would not charge the delivery of some owners goods, only the collection from the airport… the reason why we are more convenient is that by letting us handle the goods, there are fewer deliveries onboard… the crew have already enough to attend to..

Shipping instructions

To achieve a trouble-free delivery, please follow the below guide lines:


Centralam Panama SA

C/O MV ¨____________¨

Zona Franca de Albrook, Bldg K

Ave. La Amistad, Ancón

Panama, Republic of Panama.

Documentation required for clearance:

  1. Copy of AWB (Include the wording ¨ship spares in transit¨)
  2. Copy of commercial invoice including tariff coding for EACH item. (i.e: Ship spare parts HS Code:


2 working days for Customs clearance is required to pass papers through the different customs offices. (between Monday to Friday) in order to process papers through Customs Offices.

Door to Door shipments sent to Panama will often have to be collected in the airport. We know from experience that I.E. TNT and DHL in Denmark and Germany will be happy to book a door to door parcel on 4 KG value at 450$ for delivery in Panama. Factual, only documents are delivered door to door in Panama, even small parcels have to be collected for customs reasons

For that reason, it is often a waste of money to pay for a door to door service, if we have to collect anyway in the airport…